Freezer Door

They are generally used as the passage doors of cold –storage conditioned storage areas in food sector and other sectors (health, chemistry etc.). The passage doors of these areas which are being cooled at potential temperatures up to -80C° and above in accordance with the processing and storage conditions of the relevant products may require different quality and properties on the basis of the production process.

The most important point to consider in this type of door is that the thermal bridges have been broken sensitively. The difference between the internal and external temperature of the frozen storage area is high. Faults in the production and assembly of these types of doors, which should have critical design details in terms of energy efficiency, result in high cooling costs.

We offer special solutions regarding the prevention of icing on the ground, blade or on the frame.

Solutions are generated according to the properties and needs of the production facility such as door net passage sizes, features regarding the blade opening (right, left, upwards), type of the door (hinged, sliding, folding) and the current carrying system (monorail, conveyor). Doors produced with different alternatives of blade, doorframe and optional accessories that completely meet the needs of the user.