The first folding door

As PFI, this time we used our knowledge in door solutions in order to offer alternatives for the solution of different needs. We would like to thank our customers and partners who have encouraged us to generate new solutions and alternatives.

Why folding door?

The type of door which is the easiest to design in wide passing areas is sliding doors. Sliding doors are preferred for thermo-insulating cold store doors in terms of both working area and also ease of use. In general, working areas are taken into consideration while designing sliding doors. However, as it’s well known, the projects are just like the living organizations. Since design phase has already been finalized, the changes that may be made after the process may not allow the relevant revision to be undertaken.

As PFI, we designed a new door model for the passing areas which do not allow the assembly of sliding doors in respect to the operational process and which vertical sliding doors (guillotine) cannot be implemented. The name of our model is “Folding Door”.

As the basic principle, we designed a blading system that opens through folding rightward or leftward by the two pieces of blade being folded from middle. By this means, we narrowed the operational area by adding 50 cm over the net passing area and we have created a suitable alternative especially for revision projects. We produced a hybrid door which works on the basis of one hinged blade and one sliding blade. The lock system is standard magnetic lock. In addition, a handle is added which enables manual use.

A special profile has been developed while designing this door. These aluminium profiles are special profiles with Thermal Bridge cut and are compatible with other blade frame aluminium profiles. In addition, a resistance has been added to this medium-section which can also be used as cold storage doors and possible icings have been prevented by this way. Implementation pictures will be added to our web site soon.